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HALO Site Protect originates from AZL Group and is another division of AZL Group dedicated to safety & access solutions in the construction and infrastructure sectors. We have held a significant presence in the construction industry since 2004. Halo Site Protect enters this field with a clear mission: to revolutionize safety on construction sites.

AZL Group has its roots in Sydney and Melbourne and has long been a trusted supplier of scaffolding and formwork. We are well-versed in the majority of temporary structures and systems within the construction industry (I use this term to encompass both construction and infrastructure, even mining sectors that demand our products). We have extensive experience with these products, their functions, uses, and associated risks, which positions Halo Site Protect to innovate effectively in safety and access solutions.

Halo Site Protect is dedicated to safeguarding the lifeblood of the construction industry: its workers. As Australia’s workplace safety requirements continue to rise, particularly in the high-risk construction sector, we continuously align ourselves with Australian standards to elevate the quality of our products. Our goal is to create a workplace with zero safety risks for workers through our products and services. Simultaneously, we are committed to ongoing product innovation, aiming to help our customers save costs and enhance work efficiency through our offerings.

Currently, our main product lines include Stanchion & Handrail, ADGUARD, SPEEDFENC, SKYBARRIERS, Crane protections, and Loading platforms (HALO Deck), all of which have been meticulously designed and improved by us.

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At Halo Site Protect, we are not merely providers of construction safety products. We are your safety partners, innovation allies, and value supporters. We are dedicated to your safety and success, and we are excited to bring new levels of safety and innovation to construction sites.

We take pride in inheriting the traditions of AZL Group and aspire to create our own unique identity in the construction industry. As we continue to grow, we will uphold compliance with laws and standards, providing comprehensive services, including sales, rentals, and engineering, and ensuring our products meet the highest safety standards. We are here to make a difference, and we are just getting started.

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